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Tree Consultation

Ask an Expert.
Trees are all around us and while we love them, they can cause problems and present safety issues that need to be dealt with by a professional.
It all starts with a call. We invite you to describe your tree-related problem to our Certified Arborist. They’ll ask all the right questions as they gather enough information to determine how we can best help you.
Tree Consultation Service
If it’s determined that a formal meeting is needed, they’ll quote you a fee and set up an appointment for further research and discusion on the issue.

Emergency Tree Service

Let Us Help.
It’s never fun dealing with storm damage or downed trees so the staff at All About Trees wants to make the situation as stress free as possible for you. From the first phone call to the completion of our service, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and strive to make the process as pleasant as it can be.
When we arrive at your property, we’ll quickly assess the situation and take care of any immediate dangers to prevent further damage. After careful evaluation by our Arborist, he will explain to you what needs to be done.
If we’re presenting multiple options, we will explain the pros and cons of each.
Our goal is to give you all of the critical information so you can make the best choice and regain piece of mind.
Tree Damage

Tree Pruning

Better than a haircut.
All About Trees’ professionally trained and ISA certified arborist has been pruning trees and shrubs for over 15 years. With residential and small commercial services, we’ll keep the trees and shrubs at your home and business strong, healthy and looking good.
Pruning is done for TWO reasons:
Tree Pruning
Specialized training with the proper equipment and an ‘eye’ for what needs to be done are tools of our trade and we are dedicated to working with you to create a healthy landscape.

Tree Removal

Efficient. Reliable. Professional.
If you need a tree removed at your home or business, contact us to set up an appointment for a FREE estimate.
Any tree removal can be dangerous, which is why you should not attempt to take down a tree by yourself. It’s not worth the risk of damaging your home, car or family members when there’s a professional tree service that can do the job for you.
The staff at All About Trees follow strict safety guidelines:
Tree Removal
Whether your tree is diseased, dead, causing an obstruction or posing a potential hazard, our crews will dismantle it quickly while keeping everyone and everything safe during the entire process. Call the trained professionals at General Tree Service and then, sit back and relax knowing the job will be done right.

Root Healthcare

This is the key!
The root mass is the tree’s natural delivery system for water and nutrients and you can’t have a healthy tree if it’s not getting the water and nutrients it needs. Think of the roots as straws.
When girdling roots are restricting the straws, they have trouble drawing up water and nutrients into all parts of the tree. That’s just one example; there’s other things that create problems.
Identify tree issues with a free site evaluation.
An Arborist will identify factors for the tree’s poor health or performance, such as problematic soil conditions (in which case a soil analysis may be done), small leaf size, crown dieback or lack of root flair. Just to name a few.
After examining your tree, we’ll be able to recommend a program based on the root zone available to treat while addressing all health concerns of the tree.
Root Care

Specialty Shrub Pruning

It’s All in the Details.
To keep the trees and shrubs in your landscaping looking their best while maintaining their health, contact us to schedule a free estimate for pruning.
Detail Pruning
This is our highest quality pruning that brings out the unique aesthetic characteristics of a tree or shrub while maintaining its structural integrity to nurture its overall health. This may consist of crown cleaning and crown thinning to help reduce insect and disease infestation while also improving its appearance.
This involves removing branches that are obstructing sidewalks or encroachments on roads, buildings or other plants.
scrub pruning
Containment Pruning
This is done on young trees to assist in developing good structural form so they grow up healthy and strong. When performed properly, structural pruning will result in a sound, balanced crown and can even reduce the need for future maintenance so pruning may not need to be done as often.
Structural Pruning
Vista pruning often means utilizing practices such as severe crown reduction that are not recommended because it can have a damaging effect on the long term health of a tree. General Tree prefers to use alternative methods. For example, we may remove selected limbs to create “windows” for view. Taller trees may need to be removed to ground level.
Vista Pruning
In some species, sprouts will grow from the stump thus preserving many roots which then continue to help stabilize slopes. As these sprouts reach heights that threaten the view, the process is repeated. Using this approach, the land maintains its natural appearance throughout every season. Selective cutting and/or windowing can also be more economical over the long term. ​
Please note our staff always follows the industry and ANSI guidelines for pruning as well as all tree care.