We started our tree company, All About Trees in 2019. We postponed opening to the public because Daniel went to Paradise, CA to help emergency tree services clean up from the massive wildfires that destroyed many towns. He returned a year and a half later and we started our business full force and it has turned into the incredible service you see and know today.

Both owners, Tennelle and Daniel Goss, grew up in the tree industry and are taking that knowledge into their own successful business. To see what services we offer in your area, please check out our services page.
Daniel has been climbing trees professionally since he was a young guy. I think he was 14 years old when he was hired by his first tree company.
Tennelle grew up around the tree industry. Her grandfather had a tree company and she started answering his phones at 6 years old. She would travel to the jobs with his crew and watch them work. Together, starting a tree service business seemed familiar and perfect for them.
The Owner and the staff (1)
I am also the Co-Founder of a Non Profit called Arboreutierria, Inc. established in 2020. We are an educational NP that is geared towards teaching people proper tree climbing skills and promoting a culture of safety at the highest level, starting with our youngest members. We began our tree climbing program to give arborists a space to meet people all across the nation from their industry. So many have began networking in ways they never imagined after attending our events. Our future arborist have our hearts though. Our focus is all on them. Teaching them and providing mentor programs to encourage them in their future tree climbing adventures.